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Author: Haley Gibbs

With the holidays fast approaching, don’t forget about your furry friends while checking off your gifting list this season. To give you a few ideas, we’ve rounded up some of the best toys and chews ideas for all the four-legged friends in your life.

Holiday Sampler Box

Not sure what gift might be best? Try out the Natural Farm Holiday Sampler Box, the first-ever Natural Farm box which features nine of the company’s best-selling dog treats and chews dogs will have the best time chewing their way through. The beautifully packaged box includes items such as Power Bully Sticks, Beef Jerky Sticks, Chicken Feet, and much more. The limited edition box is only available while supplies last, so grab yours while you can!


Time for chewing galore! Chews, bones, and treats are a great gifting option because you can find one for any breed size and for light, medium, and heavy chewers that provides an exciting chewing experience. Natural Farm creates 100% natural dog treat products sourced from free-range, ethically raised livestock that are all hormone and chemical-free. Chews can make great stocking stuffers, too!

A twist on a classic, the Natural Farm Bully Coated Gourmet Collagen Sticks combine our irresistible collagen chews with an all-natural stew of beef for an extra bold and beefy chewing experience. Ideal for medium and heavier chewers, each stick contains 95% collagen for long-lasting fun that’s rich in amino acids.

Light chewers can turn to Natural Farm Gullet Sticks for a full beef flavor with a softer texture of 100% human-grade, beef esophagus. Picky pups, senior dogs and dogs with dental issues will have an easier time chewing and gnawing on these digestible chews.

A bite-sized and beneficial treat comes in the form of a small, two- to three-inch Natural Farm Bully Stick Bites which offers the perks of full-sized bully sticks for petite breeds and puppies.

Engaging & Entertaining Toys

We all know that dogs can get bored, and when they aren’t mentally stimulated, that’s when you can see bad behavior emerge. So, add an entertaining toy under your Christmas tree this year! There are endless options, like puzzles, lick pads, toys you can add your own yummy filling to, ones that move, and many more.

Don’t feel like you need to add special treats to puzzle toys, you can simply use your own dog food to fill as treats. For lick pads and other toys to add your own flavorful filling to, the options are pretty much endless like peanut butter, pumpkin, bananas, cheese wiz, and anything else that is safe for dogs to consume. For heavy chewers, add in an extra layer by freezing the toy with the filling inside. Natural Farm makes their own filled bones that are part toy and part treat in delicious flavors like bully stick, bacon and cheese, and peanut butter if you want to purchase a pre-made fun option for heavier chewers.


Balls are an instant hit whether it squeaks, bounces crazily, glows in the dark or is a good old fashioned tennis ball. Better yet, you can pretty much find a good ball at most stores. Almost all dogs love to get a new ball even if they don’t love to fetch.

Plush Toys

Time for a cuddle or tug of war? Dogs love getting new plush toys that squeak, crinkle, or don’t have any stuffing at all! Even better, the possibilities are endless with the thousands of designs of different creatures and themes you can give a pup. Think of something the owner loves and there is most likely a plush toy in whatever it is!

Natural Farm carries a variety of great options for all your gifting needs this holiday season, visit our shop page to view our full collection of naturally delicious chews!

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In 2018, after years of searching for high-quality, natural dog treat products, we decided to bring them to the market ourselves. That’s how Natural Farm was born—we wanted to present the industry with what it lacked the most: natural dog chews, treats, and bones, sustainably sourced from local suppliers and produced in our own human-grade, FDA- and USDA-approved facilities, where every product is lab tested for quality and contamination.

Natural Farm is committed to pets, people, and the planet. We give back to communities and pets in need, support reforestation efforts and nonprofits, and our products are packaged using recycled materials.

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