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How to Budget for a Dog

From adoption fees to daily care costs, there's more to consider than meets the eye with dog ownership. Whether you're a seasoned owner or a newbie to the dog world, this guide will help you navigate the financial aspects of bringing a dog into your home.

May 14, 2024

At-Home Dog Grooming: Do’s and Don’ts

Important tips to keep in mind for at-home dog grooming: each breed comes with its own grooming needs, from low-maintenance routines to daily pampering sessions. Thankfully, there is a lot you can do at home to groom your dog. Read this blog to learn more!

May 7, 2024

How Many Chews Should You Give Your Dog?

How many chews should you give your dog? It’s a common, yet complicated question. As a dog owner, you need to determine not just the best chew for your dog, but also the right quantity.

Apr 11, 2024

Dog Chews for Aggressive Chewers

If you're all too familiar with the frustration of regularly replacing dog bones reduced to mere stubs or witnessing your dog devour them in record time, you're undoubtedly dealing with an aggressive chewer. Let’s explore the best chews that are designed specifically for your lovable and enthusiastic chewers.

Mar 29, 2024

Discover the Benefits of Allergy-Friendly Yak Cheese Chews for Dogs

Are you always on the lookout for delicious and healthy treats that your furry friend can enjoy without worrying about allergies? Well, get ready to wag those tails with excitement because Natural Farm released a new line of allergy-friendly Yak Cheese Chews, the latest addition to our lineup of wholesome and irresistible pet products.

Mar 19, 2024

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day: Green Foods and Treats for Your Dog

This St. Patrick’s Day, let’s include our beloved furry companions in the celebration with a delightful array of green foods and treats tailored just for them. From nutritious snacks to delectable chews, we’ve created a list of canine-friendly delights that will have your dog leaping for joy like a leprechaun.

Mar 11, 2024

The Best Winter Nutrients for Your Dog

As dog owners, we need to pay extra attention to our furry friends' well-being during this time. One way to support their health and vitality is by incorporating the best winter nutrients into their routine. In this blog, we’ll explore how nutrients like glucosamine, chondroitin, and collagen can bolster their joint health, maintain a lustrous coat, and provide the energy they need to thrive despite the winter chill.

Mar 1, 2024

February is Pet Dental Health Month: How to Up Your Dental Care Game

For the 99% of dog owners who struggle with their doggy’s dental care, this blog is for you. We’ll explore why dental health matters for our furry companions and provide practical tips on how to enhance your pet's dental care routine. And no, none of these tips require flossing daily…

Feb 26, 2024

Why Natsticks Are the Top Choice for Dog Owners: The Perfect Training Solution

In this blog, we'll explore why Natsticks are the ultimate training solution. These high-quality treats aren't just about rewarding good behavior; they're about fostering positive habits and creating a positive and fun environment for learning.

Feb 13, 2024

The Top 5 Benefits of Pork Collagen for Dogs: A Comprehensive Guide

We’re going to dive nose-first into the top benefits of pork collagen for dogs. Whether you've got a sprightly pup or a wise old dog, understanding how this supplement can boost their health might just be the missing piece to your furry friend's wellness routine.

Feb 5, 2024

Are Marrow Bones Good for Dogs?

In this guide, we'll walk you through all the essential information about marrow bones and share safe practices for offering them to your dog. This way, your furry friend can enjoy the delightful benefits of these tasty treats without any worries.

Jan 27, 2024

Why You Should Avoid Rawhide for Dogs

In this blog, we'll explain why most veterinarians recommend steering clear of rawhide, and what you can safely give your dog instead.

Jan 19, 2024