Dog Chews for Aggressive Chewers

Phoebe Cooper · Mar 29, 2024 · All

Author: Natalie Szymiczek

If you're all too familiar with the frustration of regularly replacing dog bones reduced to mere stubs or witnessing your dog devour them in record time, you're undoubtedly dealing with an aggressive chewer. Perhaps your furry friend left a trail of destruction in their puppy days (or continues to do so!), or effortlessly rips through conventional dog toys and chews.

Many people think that traditional dog bones are the best choice for aggressive chewers. They are strong, available in large sizes, and marketed as long-lasting options. However, while bone products are great in that they are long-lasting, they are also more likely to splinter and crack with aggressive chewers. Splintered bones can be a huge safety hazard, and for that reason, they aren’t always the best choice for heavy chewers.

Let’s explore the best chews that are designed specifically for your lovable and enthusiastic chewers.

Is Your Dog an Aggressive Chewer?

An aggressive chewer isn't just a pup who enjoys gnawing on the occasional bone or toy. They're the ones who tear through toys like they're on a mission, reducing them to shreds in no time. These dogs often exhibit a strong desire to chew, regardless of the object.

Now, you might be wondering if aggressive chewing is reserved for big dogs. The truth is, dogs of all sizes can be aggressive chewers. While large breeds may have more jaw strength, small dogs can still pack a powerful bite and show a voracious appetite for chewing. Having said that, certain breeds are more notorious for their chewing habits. For example, breeds like Labrador Retrievers, Pit Bulls, and German Shepherds are often known to be enthusiastic chewers.

Living with an aggressive chewer poses its fair share of challenges. From constantly replacing chewed-up belongings to the worry of your pup ingesting harmful materials, they can be a real challenge for pet owners. Not to mention the potential damage to your furniture, shoes, and anything else within reach! Luckily, there are plenty of chews designed with heavy chewers in mind. Let’s take a look.

Top 5 Dog Chews for Aggressive Chewers

    • Yak Cheese Chews: Say cheese and unleash the goodness of our Yak Cheese Chews! Packed with protein and calcium, these treats are a tasty way to support your dog's health. Made from pure yak and cow milk, they're completely natural and help keep your pup's teeth clean and strong. These chews are lactose-free and gluten-free, making them ideal for dogs with allergies. Plus, their mouthwatering flavor—rich, slightly salty, and savory—will have your dog begging for more.
    • Extra Thick Bully Sticks: Extra Thick Bully Sticks are not just your average chew—they last way longer, giving your pup 50% more chewing time and double the mental stimulation. These sticks are loaded with high-quality protein and amino acids, which are great for keeping your dog's joints, muscles, and brain healthy. Plus, they're all-natural with no nasty additives or preservatives. Perfect for those tough, enthusiastic chewers who need something durable to sink their teeth into!
    • Braided Collagen Sticks: Collagen is a top choice for heavy chewers due to its durability and safety compared to bone products. Braided collagen sticks elevate the chewing experience by combining three sticks into one, providing extra excitement and mental stimulation. Packed with nutrients, collagen supports your pup's skin, coat, and joint health, making it a fantastic option for your furry friend's overall well-being.
    • Power Chews: Power up with power chews: These 2-in-1 treats combine two premium proteins for double the flavor, chew time, texture, and protein punch. From the award-winning Power Bully Sticks blending pizzle and cheek to the taste of the sea with Power Fish Sticks, there's a chew to suit every taste bud. For aggressive chewers, our Braided Power Bully Sticks Sticks offer long-lasting entertainment.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Dog Chews

When selecting the right chew for your furry friend, several factors should be taken into consideration to ensure both enjoyment and safety:

  • Size and Breed of the Dog: Larger breeds with powerful jaws require more durable options, while smaller dogs might prefer softer chews that are easier to handle. Always choose a bone or chew that is larger than the length of their muzzle.
  • Chew Strength and Durability: The strength and durability of the chew should match your dog's chewing habits. Aggressive chewers will need tougher, long-lasting chews that can withstand their powerful jaws, while gentler chewers may do well with softer options.
  • Ingredients and Safety: Always prioritize the safety of your pet by checking the ingredients of the chew. Opt for natural, high-quality ingredients and avoid artificial additives or preservatives.
  • Dental Health Benefits: Some chews offer more than just entertainment—they can also promote dental health. Look for dental chews designed to help clean teeth, massage gums, and reduce plaque and tartar buildup. These chews can contribute to your dog's overall oral hygiene and keep their breath fresh.

Introducing Dog Chews

When introducing new treats and chews, take it slow! Start by letting your dog chew on one for 5-10 minutes a day for about a week. Keep a close eye on how your pet reacts to the treat, then gradually extend chew time. Once they're comfortable, it's safe to give them one chew per day.

Remember that chews are for supplemental feeding only, and should not exceed 10% of your dog’s daily caloric intake. When dogs consume too many calories from chews, they may be at risk for weight gain, or find themselves less interested in meals. Like most things, moderation is key!

Whether your dog is an aggressive chewer or a light nibbler, we’ve got you covered at Natural Farm. Check out our online store for our selection of premium, all-natural dog bones, chews, and treats.