Our story begins with a dog named Linda

Linda liked to cuddle, roam around the yard with her friends, and watch Animal Planet. She was diagnosed with a heart disease in 2013 and her owners had to rethink the foods and treats they were feeding her. They wanted to give Linda a natural treat that would bring her long lasting joy but couldn't find any tasty and truly natural chews on the market.

“If you can't find the ingredient on a farm you won't find it in our treats and chews.”

Natural Farm was born

In 2018, after years of searching for natural and high-quality dog chews, we decided to bring them to the market and created Natural Farm.
In our search for natural dog treats we found that most companies lacked transparency when it came to how they were made and what ingredients they used. We learned that due to sourcing from multiple suppliers, companies had essentially lost touch with what was making it into their products. We saw an opportunity to offer what we found the dog treat market was lacking: 100% natural treats and chews, sourced from a single supplier, always produced and packaged at our facility to guarantee quality.

The Team

Marcus Maximo


A former biologist with a passion for jazzy tunes, and a "secret" crush on tattoos, his witty son, and craft beers.

Kajsa Bjoern

Sales Director

A curious Swede who talks too fast. Likes to spend her time outdoors with her puppy Ember and create macrame decor.

Madelene Hissom

Marketing Director

A typical California beach bum, always looking for new adventures with her hubby and two husky puppies, Nalu and Koa.

Raul Hawdening

Quality Control Manager

An amateur pilot with a tendency to exceed the speed limit all too often. On his 100 pages long resume, he has a record of working in the Amazon jungle and in agriculture.