What Makes Collagen Chews So Beneficial?

Madelene Hissom · Nov 9, 2022

Author: Amanda Brahlek

You’ve likely heard “collagen” time and time again on advertisements for beauty products and beauty supplements for humans. So, why is this ingredient a great ingredient in dog treats? Most dogs aren’t worried about wrinkles and aging, but collagen offers a wide array of benefits for dogs. This article will help you better understand exactly what collagen treats are and how they can benefit your dog.

What Are Collagen Chews?

Collagen chews for dogs are a safe, beneficial, long-lasting option as a chew treat for dogs. Moreover, they were developed as an alternative to rawhide chews.

Because rawhide chews have no nutritional value and can cause dogs digestive discomfort, Natural Farm, began seeking a better alternative that dogs can safely consume.

How Did Rawhide Get a Bad Reputation?

Since their introduction as a dog treat, rawhide chews have been controversial. Why?

1. They’re one of the most common ‘long-lasting’ treats that are readily available and inexpensive.

2. They pose a choking risk for many dogs, especially those that are heavy chewers.

3. The manufacturing process of rawhide is less than savory and fraught with contamination risk and chemicals.

4. Some dogs experience an acute allergic reaction to rawhide.

This is where Collagen Sticks come in. Collagen sticks offer dogs an outlet for the need to chew without the choking hazard—but they don’t just eliminate many of the issues related to rawhides, they support a dog’s health beyond healthy chewing.

How Do Collagen Sticks Benefit Dogs?

Collagen chews are made from the inner layer skin, often referred to as the “corium.” This layer of skin is extremely elastic. Unlike the epidermis (the layer used to make rawhide), corium contains a lot of collagen.

The corium is also a lot more digestible than the top layer of skin used to make rawhide. A dog’s body can quickly and easily convert collagen chews into peptides and amino acids. These then hitch a ride on a dog’s bloodstream to be used as needed. Rawhide passes through a dog’s body undigested and has no nutritional use.

How is Collagen Used by Your Dog’s Body?

Your dog’s body breaks collagen down into collagen peptides, an easy-to-absorb strings of amino acids. These peptides are utilized by the body to create and repair cells.

How else do peptides aid in your dog’s physical health? Collagen peptides:

Reduce inflammation, leading to:

  • Reduced aches, pain, and stiffness
  • Increased mobility and flexibility
  • Muscle regeneration

Increase bone mass, leading to:

  • Improved bone strength

Improve skin health, for:

  • Reduced itchiness
  • A shinier coat
  • Better moisture retention

In addition to being a rich source of collagen, collage chews last longer than other long-lasting chew treats. This is because the corium is tougher and strong than other parts of the body. This fulfills a dog’s desire to chew, which has benefits of its own like:

  • Keeping your dog mentally stimulated
  • Cleaning your dog’s teeth to reduce tartar and bad breath
  • Strengthening your dog’s jaw
  • Helping encourage positive chewing, reducing the urge to chews household items
  • Reliving stress by releasing endorphins
  • Aids in digestion and encourages the stomach to produce more stomach enzymes.

How Do Our Collagen Sticks Stack Up?

Natural Farm’s Collagen Sticks are made from 100% grass-fed beef and processed in our human-grade food facility, using no chemicals or preservatives in the process. Unlike rawhide chews, our collagen sticks offer a wide array of health benefits, last longer, and soften to be easily digested by heavy chewers.

Most importantly, dogs love our collagen sticks. They taste great and keep them happily busy 20% longer than bully sticks. Want to treat your dog to a buffet of benefits?

About Natural Farm

In 2018, after years of searching for high-quality, natural dog treat products, we decided to bring them to the market ourselves. That’s how Natural Farm was born—we wanted to present the industry with what it lacked the most: natural dog chews, treats, and bones, sustainably sourced from local suppliers and produced in our own human-grade, FDA- and USDA-approved facilities, where every product is lab tested for quality and contamination.

Natural Farm is committed to pets, people, and the planet. We give back to communities and pets in need, support reforestation efforts and nonprofits, and our products are packaged using only recycled materials.

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