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Author: Haley Gibbs

Bully Sticks are hands-down one of the most popular chews to give your dog. Unlike other chews, they’re made from a single-ingredient, beef pizzle that won’t splinter, making them safer and easily digestible. And since beef is a complete source of amino acids, it supports your dog’s muscles, brain, skin, and coat, making it a nutritious chew, too. Since Natural Farm’s Bully Sticks are free of artificial chemicals, additives, and preservatives, they’re perfect for dogs who have allergies or sensitivities. They even help clean your pup’s teeth by scraping off plaque!

Since they’re made of beef pizzle — a high-demand protein and ingredient around the world — bully sticks are increasingly becoming more expensive and difficult to source due to raw material shortages that pet suppliers must compete with. If you’re someone impacted by this conundrum, continue reading to discover more about the best bully stick alternatives on the market today.

Rising Costs and Increased Popularity

Bully sticks are incredibly in-demand and prices are expected to continue to rise. Like many other products that increased in popularity during the pandemic, bully sticks were one of them! Many dog owners turned to this tasty treat for its long-lasting ability to keep dogs occupied and happy, especially while they worked from home.

Not to mention, meat prices in general have risen overall. And since it’s made of beef pizzle, it’s more difficult to source as it requires a high quantity of livestock. Companies are experiencing difficulties keeping bully sticks stocked and meeting the demand. 

Because of rising costs and sourcing issues, bully stick alternatives are becoming more popular. Natural Farm has fantastic bully stick alternatives that come from local suppliers of free-range, grass-fed cattle. Many of Natural Farm’s products include nutrients like protein, glucosamine, and chondroitin to support muscles and joints for improved mobility and flexibility, and they’re naturally fun for dogs without unnatural ingredients like chemicals, preservatives, and additives. Natural Farm has an assortment of bully stick alternatives for all sizes and types of chewers!

Puppies, Small Breeds and Senior Dogs

Not sure what treats are best for puppies, smaller breeds and senior dogs? Natural Farm offers some fantastic bully stick alternatives perfect for these gentler chewers. 

Light chewers can turn to Gullet Sticks for a full beef flavor with a softer texture of 100% natural, human-grade beef esophagus. Picky pups, senior dogs and dogs with dental issues will have an easier time chewing and gnawing on these 100% digestible chews. Packed with natural glucosamine and chondroitin, these chews support hip, joint and dental health. 

Our savory and protein-rich Beef Trachea Chews are pure fun for light to medium chewers. This flavorful and engaging chew includes both glucosamine and chondroitin for improved joint, hip, and coat health. And with a unique texture and shape, our tracheas support cleaner teeth and fresher breath while being highly digestible.

Small & Medium Dogs

If you have a small- or medium-sized dog or your dog has lighter to medium chewing tendencies, Natural Farm has multiple options for a tasty chew, making for some great bully stick alternatives.

For better weight control, muscle health, and dental health, the Tendon Dog Chews make a great choice for medium chewers, and they’re also great for teething pups over three months of age. Rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, your pup can safely indulge, all while protecting their hip and joint health. With one single ingredient — natural beef tendon made from grass fed, free-range cattle in Brazil — there’s absolutely no chemicals, hormones, additives, artificial flavors, or grains for quality you can trust.

If your dog devours treats in record time, you need to try our Collagen Sticks. Made with all-natural, highly digestible, enriching beef skin from free-range cattle in Brazil, they make a perfect treat for medium to heavy chewers and last longer on average than bully sticks. They’re filled nutrients that support joint flexibility, bone strength, a shiny coat, and an active mind. Not to mention they’re also grain-free, hormone-free, and chemical-free, all while being odorless — which is always a win! With both six- and twelve-inch options, they’re the perfect long-lasting chew for dogs big and small.

Large & Jumbo Breeds

For large and jumbo breeds, Natural Farm offers many tasty and long-lasting bully stick alternatives for endless chewing opportunities.

For a savory bone for dogs who prefer to chew for hours, they need to try our Marrow Bones. As delicious as they are beneficial, they give medium-capacity chewers an outlet that leaves them gnawing for hours, releasing beneficial endorphins, and scraping plaque from your dog’s teeth. Dogs also benefit from a dense source of collagen, glucosamine, and calcium for musculoskeletal support. This single-ingredient treat is made from 100% grass-fed Brazilian beef without artificial preservatives, synthetic fillers, or artificial additives.

Filled with every dog’s favorite flavor, our Peanut Butter Filled Bones allow dogs to lap up every ounce of filling while receiving a thorough dental cleaning with a side of calcium for stronger, cleaner teeth. Calcium not only benefits teeth, but your dog's brain, bones, and muscles. This protein-packed treat’s hard-and-soft textures create added excitement while assisting with muscle health and recovery. Because they’re Natural Farm treats, they contain no harmful additives, hormones, or antibiotics.

Chewing Safety

Whenever you’re introducing a new treat, we recommend minimizing chewing time to three to five minutes at first and then gradually increasing it over a five-day period so that they get accustomed to the new ingredient(s). 


With all of these excellent bully stick alternatives on the market, you can comfortably say sayonara to bully sticks without upsetting your furry companion.

About Natural Farm

Natural Farm creates healthy, natural dog treats and chews that are farmed responsibly and crafted with care. The company’s hormone-free, antibiotic-free products come from local suppliers of free-range, grass-fed cattle. Natural Farm controls every step of production, including sourcing, lab testing and packaging. 

Natural Farm is environmentally conscious, with certified green packaging made of 51% recyclable sugar cane and recyclable materials, and they also support reforestation projects and nonprofit initiatives around the world that benefit pets, people, and the planet.  

Choose the very best bully stick alternatives for your pet by selecting Natural Farm today!

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