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Phoebe Cooper · Mar 22, 2023 · All

Author: Haley Gibbs

Some dogs are absolutely terrified during a thunderstorm. If you notice your dog pacing, hiding, trembling, panting, whining, showing destructive behaviors, or lowering their tail and ears during a storm, they most likely have storm anxiety. We all know that storms are loud and unpredictable, and triggers can include wind, thunder, lightning, rain, smell changes, and if your dog feels changes in atmospheric pressure.

To help guide you through the next thunderstorm with your pup, we’ve put together a few tips that can help both you and your pup get through the next storm together.

Safe Place

Your dog should always have a safe place to go to, and this is especially true during a thunderstorm. A crate is a great way to go about providing this sort of safe place to your dog. Choose a crate that works with your dog’s breed size that allows your dog to stand, turn, and lie down comfortably. Don’t forget to choose a comfortable crate mat, and you can also include a favorite toy and soft blanket for snuggles. When your dog is especially scared, you can place a blanket over the crate so they feel secure, but keep the door open so they know they aren’t trapped.

If your dog isn’t used to a crate, you can create this same sense of security in a corner or your home or in a small room like a bathroom. Still give them all the comforts of a bed, blanket, and toys so they’ll know that’s their place. And if there are any windows, close the blinds and curtains so they can’t see the storm raging outside.


The art of distractions! Play calming music in the background or put on a TV show—your dog might even want to watch shows in short bursts, especially if there’s animals on the screen. You can also give them a special chew like Natural Farm’s Braided Collagen Sticks, which offer a high-value and wholesome chew that can help with distracting them while they chew on the delicious, long-lasting sticks.


There are many calming-type, anxiety-reducing products in the form of supplements and shirts that might help ease your dog’s anxiety. If in a pinch, you could always try putting one of your T-shirts on your dog so it fits tight but comfortably around your dog’s torso to help ease their anxiety.


A way to prepare your dog for the next thunderstorm is to slowly socialize them with the sounds of a thunderstorm. Find a storm soundtrack on a normal weather day and play it quietly. While the soundtrack plays, give your dog plenty of treats and toys, and play with them to associate the sound with something that makes them happy. Over the next few weeks, you can increase the volume as you continue to play with them and give them treats. Remember that whenever you stop the thunderstorm soundtrack, make sure to stop giving your dog treats and toys and that the playtime ends so that they associate the positive experience with that particular sound.

Talk to Your Vet

If you notice your dog getting storm anxiety, it’s probably time to talk to your vet to see if there is anything else you can do that they recommend. In severe cases, they can provide medication if that is something your pup needs.

For more tips on how to keep dogs safe and calm in loud situations, be sure to read our blog on How to Help Your Dog Beat Their Firework Fright.

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