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Phoebe Cooper · Oct 4, 2022 · All

Author: Haley Gibbs

As the temperature drops and leaves start to change, spooky season is officially here! Halloween is fast approaching and as the entire family plans their costumes, don’t forget your pup! We’ve rounded up the best costume ideas for you and your dog — ranging in difficulty from visiting the store to just searching through the back of your closet at the last minute!  

Magician & It’s Bunny

Abracadabra! Find yourself a magician’s hat and a smart suit, while your pup needs some fluffy bunny ears. Don’t forget your magician’s wand, our Extra Thick Bully Sticks might just do the trick and is a yummy snack for your dog throughout the night!

Superhero & Your Trusty Sidekick

Your dog is the hero in your life, so let them show it! Grand some capes, masks and get ready to save the night with your hero costumes! OR, switch roles and one of you can be the villain while the other plays hero.

Switch Places

Ever wonder what it's like to snooze, run and play all day? Then it’s time to switch places with your dog! Dress them up as you do by having them wear your most worn and recognizable items, and you can wear dog ears and an extra fluffy jacket.

Harry Potter & Dobby

It’s already everyone’s go-to movie in the fall, and now you can dress the part. For you, all you need is some glasses, a scarf, draw a scar on, and of course, use our Bully Sticks as a wand. For your dog to be Dobby, they’ll need a neutral shirt and a sock pinned to it. Or, be from slytherin house and add a blonde wig to yourself and your family to be the Malofys. 

Daenerys Targaryen & Her Dragon

Any Game of Thrones fans here? Dress as the Queen of Dragons with a white/blonde wig and a long dress, cut out some dragon wings for your dog and you’ll be ready to take on the kingdom.

Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf

Dress as a classic by donning a red cape and grab a basket, you’re instantly transformed into Little Red Riding Hood. To change your four-legged friend into the Big Bad Wolf, see what accessories you can find as it’s dressed as grannie in disguise. A bonnet, a string of pearls, or a dress/shirt would work! And of course, the Big Bad Wolf needs some treats along the way, be sure to bring Bully Stick Bites with you for an easy, high-value treat.

ET & Elliott

Make yourself over into one of the most recognizable movie scenes, this one is also perfect for smaller breeds. Grab your bike and attach a crate to the front, add your dog and drape a blanket over them and you’re done!

Pop Culture Icons

For inspiration, simply look to our iconic pop culture owner and dog duos! Such as the iconic Elle Woods and Bruiser Woods, the historic Dorothy and Toto, and everyone’s favorite villain, Cruella Deville and her dalmatians, the options are endless! 

When asking your dog "trick or treat," they'll almost always go for the "treat."  for more chews and treats your dog will love through Halloween night, visit our store page!


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