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Phoebe Cooper · Feb 15, 2023 · All

Authors: Phoebe Cooper & Sarah Pruzansky

As a dog owner, you are likely always seeking ways to keep your pup happy, healthy, and entertained. Regular physical exercise is just as essential as mental exercise is for your best friend, and imagine being able to support these needs while also giving them something they want!

Collagen dog chews are safe, healthy, long-lasting treats to reward your dog with, as they are also packed with many health benefits, and Natural Farm’s Flavored Collagen line offers your dog ample mental and physical benefits all in one irresistibly delicious package. They are also great for dogs of all shapes and sizes!

Who Knew Healthy Could Taste So Good?

Natural Farm’s Flavored Collagen line features two mouthwatering products: Gourmet Bully Coated Collagen Sticks and Peanut Butter Flavor Collagen Sticks.

Bully Coated Gourmet Collagen Sticks are made using 100% natural beef skin that’s coated in savory, all-natural beef for an extra bold and beefy flavor experience.

Peanut Butter Flavor Collagen Sticks are also made using 100% natural beef that’s dipped in a delicious, all-natural peanut butter flavor that smells so good even humans are tempted be them (but we don’t recommend you try them)!

Both of these products are made from premium, free-range, grass-fed Brazilian cattle that are free of hormones, chemicals, and antibiotics.

You can also rest assured knowing that these products are manufactured, packaged, and lab tested for quality and contamination in Natural-Farm’s very own human-grade facilities.

Available in 4-inch, 6-inch, and 12-inch lengths, we’ve got options for every dog! Plus, collagen sticks last longer on average than standard bully sticks, offering your dog ample enjoyment, engagement, and healthy distractions.

Benefits of Collagen Chews for Dogs

You may have seen products with collagen being marketed to humans to fight the visible signs of aging—well, there are similar collagen benefits for dogs!

Natural Farm’s Collagen Sticks, rich in both collagen and protein, help promote these health benefits in dogs:

  • Heathier skin
  • Healthier joints
  • Brighter coat
  • Digestive support
  • Stronger muscles
  • Stronger teeth
  • Healthier gums
  • Increased mobility & flexibility
  • Mental stimulation

With all of this in mind and the allure of added flavors, giving your dog healthful rewards has never been so easy!

Collagen Chews Vs. Rawhide Chews

As traditional rawhide treats (typically white in color) once dominated the pet space, it would be unsurprising if you’ve given them to your pup in the past but are now looking for a healthier alternative.

Traditional rawhide presents a few risks to dogs: as it is generally very processed, and chemically processed at that, this makes them difficult for dogs to digest. This can lead to a variety of harmful gastrointestinal issues in dogs, which can be fatal.

Traditional rawhide is derived from the outer layer of skin that is often used in leather making. They have no nutritional value as opposed to collagen, which is produced from the inner layer of skin called the corium, which is more elastic and highly digestible.

Of course, you should still always monitor your pup as they chew to ensure they are not biting off pieces that are so large that they could choke on them, but another benefit of Natural Farm’s Collagen Sticks is that they are compatible with bully stick holders, which are devices that work to reduce the risk of choking in dogs.

Plus, our Collagen Sticks are completely free of chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics, making for an exceptionally clean and healthy chew.

Overall, collagen dog chews are a better, safer, and heathier option for rewarding your dog.

Cons of Collagen Chews for Dogs

While collagen sticks are generally an excellent chew option, they may not be the best fit for every dog.

These chews are best for medium and heavy chewers, so if your dog has particularly sensitive teeth, are missing teeth, or are a light chewer, they may not be the right choice for your dog (click on the provided link to view our recommended chew options for these types of chewers).

Furthermore, as collagen sticks are derived from cows, these chews should be avoided if your dog has beef allergies.


Flavored Collagen Sticks are wholesome chews that can help keep your dog healthy and active for years to come. They feature delectable flavors that most dogs can’t resist, making for a delicious reward that dogs love and owners can feel good about.

Our diverse collagen range features alternative collagen options for dogs as well, like standard unflavored Collagen Sticks and soon-to-be-released Braided Collagen Sticks.

Natural Farm offers a wide variety of all-natural chews, treats, and bones, and we’re certain we’ve got something your dog will adore. Visit our store page to view our complete range and to discover your dog’s new favorite chews today!

About Natural Farm

In 2018, after years of searching for high-quality, natural dog treat products, we decided to bring them to the market ourselves. That’s how Natural Farm was born—we wanted to present the industry with what it lacked the most: natural dog chews, treats, and bones, sustainably sourced from local suppliers and produced in our own human-grade, FDA- and USDA-approved facilities, where every product is lab tested for quality and contamination.

Natural Farm is committed to pets, people, and the planet. We give back to communities and pets in need, support reforestation efforts and nonprofits, and our products are packaged using recycled materials.

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