Top Chews For Light Chewers and Dogs With Sensitive Teeth

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Author: Keren Dinkin

Dogs and puppies love to chew on things, especially when they’re bored. So if you’re a dog parent, it makes sense to give them a chew toy. It will help them put their effort and energy into it rather than into your shoes and furniture.

Unfortunately, not all chew toys are beneficial to your pet, and some can even cause oral injuries when constructed of the wrong materials.

What’s the alternative then?

Dog chews!

These food treats aren’t just “toys” that provide a safe way to pass the time. There are also practical and health reasons to give them to your pet. Chews offer relief when puppies are teething, clean areas between dogs’ teeth, and supplement some of their nutritional needs.

If your four-legged family member is a light chewer or has sensitive teeth, you should be extra careful and watch what goes into their mouths, and we’re excited to have several offerings that will bring them joy that suit their unique needs.

Below is a list of our recommended chews from Natural Farm’s product line made specially for light chewers, smaller breeds, puppies, and those with brittle or fewer teeth. While these are not soft treats to begin with, per se, they are not as hard as the ones we make for moderate and aggressive chewers, and they soften quickly as your pet munches on them.

These products are 100% natural with ingredients sourced sustainably from Brazil. You can also be assured they will naturally promote better dental health for your dogs and puppies.

1.   Pixie Bully Sticks

Every Pixie Bully Stick provides a delicious beef flavor which your pet will surely enjoy. It is an excellent option for petite pups, light chewers, and older dogs. Lighter and thinner than standard bully sticks, it’s easier for dogs to chew.

The secret to these delicious chews is in our use of pizzle sheath instead of the pizzle itself, so the stick is hollow rather than solid throughout.

It also offers a healthy outlet for your dog’s energy. The dog can chomp on the Pixie Bully Stick for entertainment and dental health. The more the dog chews the stick, the cleaner its teeth will become.

These Pixies also come in a braided variety, which are thicker for added chew time.

2.   Beef Trachea

Crispy and savory, our Beef Trachea is made with 100% natural beef trachea, and it’s loaded with protein and nutrients!

This flavorful treat contains chondroitin, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that provides hip and joint support. It also has glucosamine, an amino sugar that cushions the joints. Both are natural components of the cartilage and connective tissue.

Consider it a supplement for reducing the risk or alleviating symptoms of joint diseases like osteoarthritis.

3.   Beef Gullet Sticks

Softer than bully sticks, our Beef Gullet Sticks are easy to digest and ideal for small pups and senior dogs with brittle or fewer teeth that have a difficult time breaking down their food.

If your dog is a picky eater, it will surely enjoy the delectable, all-natural beef esophagus found in these sticks. Made from 100% grass-fed beef, you can rest assured that they’re chemical-free.

Like our Beef Trachea, they contain chondroitin and glucosamine for optimal hip and joint health.

4.   Beef Jerky

Also made from all-natural beef esophagus but with a flatter shape than the Beef Gullet, our Beef Jerky contains no additives, hormones, or preservatives. It provides a chewy, mouthwatering experience for those dogs who need something a little lighter that doesn’t compromise on flavor. In the process of chewing, it cleans their teeth and gums of plaque and tartar. A delicious way to prevent periodontal disease!

And thanks to the presence of chondroitin and glucosamine, it helps improve joint mobility as well.

5.   Thin Bully Sticks

Denser than the Pixie Bully Sticks but thinner and lighter than our standard option, our Thin Bully Sticks are perfect for light chewers, small pups, senior dogs, and those with dental problems. It softens after some light biting, and your pet will gain healthier gums, cleaner teeth, and fresher breath.

Each stick is packed with flavor and amino acids, which every dog needs for a strong immune system, a bright coat, and an alert mind.

6.   Chicken Feet

It is good to give your pet a variety of treats, and adding our Chicken Feet for Dogs to their menu certainly does the trick! Made from 100% free-range Brazilian chicken with the nails removed for safety, it makes for a delightfully crunchy and scrumptious snack!

The naturally crunchy texture is sure to be a source of enjoyment for your best pal. Plus, it’s also a tasty source of chondroitin and glucosamine. Chicken feet promote healthy teeth and gums, too.

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Buy a Chew, Plant a Tree!

All treats on this list are safe and nutritious (but it’s always important to monitor your dog as they enjoy they’re treats to ensure they’re chewing properly). Doggies and puppies alike can chew out their boredom while also cleaning their teeth!

Natural Farm believes in sustainable practices, so all our products are made with natural ingredients and delivered in eco-friendly packaging.

Buying from our website also makes Mother Earth smile as we plant a tree for every product purchased in partnership with One Tree Planted.

We hope our high quality products and values make you and your dog smile, too! :)