How to Find the Perfect Treats to Please Your Picky Pup

Phoebe Cooper · Jun 24, 2022 · All

Do you have a dog that's difficult to please when it comes to treats? Some dogs are seemingly always dissatisfied with our generous offerings, and quite frankly... it’s a little offensive (considering we’re going above and beyond to make them happy and perhaps trying to prevent them from chewing our personal belongings). This blog seeks to assist the owners of those particularly picky pups in finding treats that their dogs simply can’t resist!

One of the most important factors in finding your dog the right treat is understanding their chew personality. A dog’s chew personality consists of a few different elements and relies on answering these questions:

  1. What is their chew capacity? 
  2. What is their life stage? 
  3. Do they have any health needs or dietary restrictions? 
  4. What size are they?

Is your dog a light, moderate, or aggressive chewer? Natural Farm creates a variety of treats, chews, and bones that are light, medium, and hard in nature.

Softer chews are great for dogs that are light chewers and those that have dental needs and restrictions. Some examples of light chews include our Beef Trachea, Beef Gullet Sticks, Chicken Feet, and Pixie Bully Sticks. Click here to view a complete list of our favorite options for lighter chewers.

Do you find that your dog blazes through their treats? Hard chews are perfect for dogs with extraordinary jaw power who just can’t get enough of chewing. The options we recommend for harder chewers include our Extra Thick and Braided Bully Sticks, Beef Scapula, Beef Tendon, and Collagen Sticks. 

Note: We generally do not recommend bones for exceptionally aggressive chewers as they have a greater potential to crack and splinter the bones, which could be dangerous to them.

Provide your aggressive chewer with long-lasting entertainment by selecting options from this range of chews!

Medium chewers fall somewhere in between light and heavy chewers and seek chews that are “juuuust right.” Some options for medium chewers include our bone treats, standard Bully Sticks, Cow Hooves, and Pig Ears, among many others. Click here to browse our full list of recommendations for these Goldilocks of chewers!

Life stage

Is your dog a puppy, adult, or senior? Puppies are dogs that are up to a year in age, and they tend to become overexcited as they chew because they love chewing, especially when teething. 

While we generally recommend softer treats for puppies, a little extra density can be good for them and provide you with some much needed furniture and shoe insurance. However, avoid giving your puppy bones as their overexcitement could result in dangerous splintering. We also always recommend supervising puppies as they chew to ensure they are chewing their treats safely and properly. Review this blog for more information on why chews are good for puppies!

Adult dogs typically don’t have as many special needs as puppies and seniors, but that isn’t always the case (I will discuss this in greater detail through some of my other talking points). For normal adult dogs who don’t have special needs or restrictions, look to their size and chew capacity for clues on what treats are most appropriate for them.

A great benefit of our treats is that they’re rich in protein and other essential vitamins and minerals, and they naturally improve your dog’s dental health as they chew. Therefore, our chews work to maintain your pup’s health presently and stimulate better health and happiness for the future!

Senior dogs may develop more specific needs as they age. Have they lost some teeth over the years? Browse our softer chews. Do they show signs of arthritis or is their fur looking a little dull? Our Beef Tendons, Beef Gullet Sticks, Beef Trachea, and Beef Jerky are rich sources of glucosamine and chondroitin which offer exceptional joint support.

Our Collagen Sticks also work to support joint, coat, and skin health. Our NatBones, Supplements, and Oceanic Treats, which are all coming soon, are also packed with flavor and nutrition for well-rounded health support and satisfaction!

Dietary needs & restrictions:

Some pups have specific health needs, and others have allergies. Different types of treats will cater to these sorts of restrictions to keep your pup in ship-shape. Luckily, we have a vast variety of treats and offer options made from pork, chicken, beef, and fish (coming soon).

If your dog is sensitive to chicken, for example, you can look to our pork, fish, and beef options instead. You can also feel confident in knowing that Natural Farm products are all-natural and completely free of chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics.


Is your dog small, medium, or large? While size isn’t everything when deciding the best treat options for your dog, it is definitely an important consideration for safety and whether or not your dog will be able to enjoy treats of a particular size and thickness.

For example, a small dog would not be able to gnaw on our Filled Bones or Marrow Bones because their mouths are too small, so those are better for large dogs with medium chew capacities. On the other hand, our Pixie Bully Sticks, Thin Bully Sticks, and Bully Bites could be great options for them, but these may pose a choking hazard for larger dogs.

While you can use our filter feature online to sort for treats based on your pup’s size, just be aware that those recommendations are generalized. For example, some small dogs may be more aggressive chewers, so you can still look to some of our medium and hard chews, just take their mouth size into consideration. 

Lastly, our filter feature allows you to customize search results based on any combination of your pup’s particular needs. We also have a quiz that you can take to achieve a similar result!

See this blog for more suggestions on how to choose the right treats for your dog.

Add variety

It’s easy to understand how dogs might become bored of their treats and food over time. As people, it’s difficult to imagine eating the same things over and over again, and I’m sure that most of us can refer back to a time when we developed an aversion to a particular food as a result of eating it too frequently. 

If your pup once enjoyed a treat but no longer seems to express an interest in it, try adding some variety! Instead of always giving your dog the same chew or treat, buy a few options and rotate them to see if that entices them to indulge as opposed to turning their noses up to them. Just remember to always introduce new treats gradually so as not to upset their stomachs!

Keep it fresh

Proper treat storage is an important component of keeping treats fresh and appealing to your dog. Many dog owners like to store their treats in airtight containers, and our eco-friendly packaging is also resealable, allowing you to keep chews fresher longer.

Other dog owners choose to freeze their treats or keep them in the fridge to preserve freshness, and some dogs prefer a chiller chew as it adds a little extra something to their experience! Freezing and refrigerating treats is also a great way to increase your dog’s chew time as it makes them harder/denser. 

Spice it up

Are single ingredient chews just not doing it for your dog? Spice things up by adding some extra ingredients! Put a little peanut butter on our Bully Sticks for a decadent sweet treat, or fill our Cow Hooves with ricotta cheese for a savory treat they can’t get enough of.

Our filled bones are already stuffed and they come in three mouthwatering flavors, including: bacon & cheese, peanut butter, and bully stick flavor. 

Our NatBones, due to be released this summer, provide another fantastic multi-ingredient treat option, and they’re packed with real meat and superfoods for superior flavor and nutrition. They are also dual texture for added engagement and enjoyment!

You can also create detailed recipes with our chews and treats. Check out these blogs for ideas on creative dog-friendly cuisines that you can make at any time of the year:

Natural Farm has a full range of undeniably delicious treats, chews, and bones, and I'm certain we have something that will satisfy even your ultra-picky pup!

Let this blog guide you to discover your dog's new favorite delicacy that will leave them begging for more!

Be sure to tag us using #LetsChewNatural so that we can see your pup’s favorite Natural Farm chew choices!

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