Delicious Dog Chew Recipes for Your Pet’s Thanksgiving

Madelene Hissom · Oct 26, 2023 · All

Who said dogs can’t enjoy Thanksgiving, too?

While your pup might not be interested in your all-time favorite dishes, you can still include your four-legged family member in the celebrations. Use the recipes below to create treats for a special occasion—delicious recipes that your dog will love! These treat recipes are also a great way to use leftovers from a Thanksgiving meal, so you can keep the fun coming for your dog after the holiday itself is over. Plus, giving your dog a long-lasting chew right when your own Thanksgiving dinner begins is a great way to keep them occupied and prevent them from begging at the table.

Here are three carefully crafted recipes—and some tips for making Thanksgiving fun for your dog!

Pumpkin Puree Cow Hooves

What you need: Cow HoovesCream CheesePumpkin PureeGullet BitesBlueberries

Cow hooves are naturally long-lasting chews. But that shouldn’t stop you from adding an extra touch for a unique holiday treat! Fill up the cow hoof 3/4th of the way with pumpkin puree (you can use the leftovers from your own celebrations). Take one Gullet Bite and break into small pieces and stick in the pumpkin puree. Smear a thin layer of cream cheese on the next level and top off with Blueberries. Serve as is, or place in the freezer for an additional challenge.

Trachea with Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes

What you need: TracheaMashed potatoesCarrotsBroccoli

This chew will be a perfectly special Thanksgiving treat for your pup. Cut a handful of broccoli and carrots into small pieces and place in a bowl. Add unseasoned mashed potatoes to the same bowl and stir until it’s well mixed. Use a spoon to fill up the Trachea with the mixture. Ready to serve!

Bully Sticks with Toy Kong

What you need: Bully sticksCottage CheeseCanned wet foodKong

If you have a kong at home, it's an excellent idea to stuff it with delicious ingredients for a holiday surprise! Fill the kong half-and-half with wet canned food and cottage cheese. Finish off by placing a bully stick in the middle. Now, let’s serve!

Other Thanksgiving Activities

Creating unique treats is a great way to make the holidays memorable for your dog. But the fun doesn’t have to stop there—you can also take advantage of the day off and use this special occasion to bond with your pet! Here are some of our favorite ideas for sharing Thanksgiving with your pet:

Go for a special walk: On Thanksgiving, try taking your dog on a new walking route! You can drive to a park, trail, or neighborhood that you don’t normally visit—your dog will love taking in all the new scents, smells, and twists in the terrain.

Play a new game: For many families, Thanksgiving tradition is playing a game together, whether it’s board games or sports outside. To have fun with your pup, try a dog’s own version of an outdoor game. This could be fetch, soccer, football, or a game of your own creation!

Give your pup a new treat: Show you’re thankful for your dog by giving them a new chew or toy. You can include them in the celebrations by making it a special day for your dog, too. Who knows—it might become their new favorite!

Watch TV together: Watching football is just as much a part of Thanksgiving as dinner! Curl up on the couch with your pup to watch the game. If football isn’t your thing, try out a new movie or TV show. Your dog will love the snuggle time!

Make crafts: Add DIY to your Thanksgiving Day agenda and make a special toy for your dog. The Internet is full of resources for crafting your own dog toys with items you probably have around the house. Use your hobbies to make a gift for your dog: If you love painting, you can create a picture of your dog that will hold memories forever; if you enjoy knitting, you can try your hand at a doggie blanket or vest. If you have kids, they’ll love crafting for their pet as well!