6 Halloween Activities for You and Your Dog

Madelene Hissom · Oct 14, 2021 · All

Author: Janine DeVault

Halloween is such a fun time of year. From adorable costumes, yummy candy, endless craft projects, and festive parties, there are all kinds of fun ways for you and your pet to get into the Halloween spirit! 

Here are some fun activities for you and your dog to enjoy during the spooky season.

1. Pick out some Halloween-themed toys

What better excuse to spoil your dog with a new toy than Halloween? Pick up a festive pumpkin or skeleton plushie to add to your dog’s toy collection. Not only do they make festive decorations, but new toys are also a fun novelty for dogs. Indulge your pup with a few extra minutes of one on one playtime when you present the toy. They’re sure to appreciate it! 

2. Dress up for Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time to exercise your creativity and craft skills. Come up with a fun costume idea for your dog-- bonus points if you can coordinate it with your own costume! 

If you’re short on ideas, head to Pinterest for inspiration. Once you settle on a costume idea, peruse local craft stores and thrift shops to gather the items you need to bring it to life. 

If you’re not into making your own costume, browse sites like Etsy and Amazon, or your local pet store, to purchase a pet costume. The options are endless, so you’re sure to find something adorable!

3. Stage a festive photoshoot

Get in the Halloween spirit by staging a festive photoshoot for your dog. Gather some Halloween or fall-themed decor items, such as pumpkins, spider webs, or skeletons, to create a spooky backdrop. Then, grab your camera and stage a series of photos of your pup in front of your newly-constructed set. 

To make the photos extra festive, you and your dog should don your Halloween costumes for the photoshoot. 

If you don’t feel you have the skills to pull off a photoshoot on your own, search online for local pet photographers. Some of them may even host themed photobooths of their own, so all you have to do is turn up! 

4. Mix up some doggy Halloween treats

For humans, tasty treats are a big part of the Halloween festivities. Why not use your creativity to whip up some delicious pet-friendly treats for your dog? Fortunately, pumpkin is a festive ingredient that also happens to be healthy for dogs. 

Pumpkin is high in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. It also supports gut health in dogs. Plus, most dogs find it delicious! Here are a couple of recipes your dog is sure to enjoy. 

Tasty Pumpkin Pudding

  • Mix 1 cup of canned pumpkin puree (unsweetened) with 1 cup of yogurt to create a healthy, pup-friendly pudding. 
  • Spoon some of this mixture into one of Natural Farm’s cow hooves to create an irresistible treat for your dog. 

Alternatively, you could fill the cow hoof with the pumpkin mixture and pop it in the freezer to create a frozen snack. 

Natural Farm cow hooves are entirely chemical-free and make an excellent treat for medium or hard chewers. They help support dental hygiene, leading to cleaner teeth and fresher breath.

Pumpkin Halloween Cookies

  • Mix 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of pumpkin puree, and ½ cup of peanut butter (must be Xylitol-free) to create cookie dough.
  • Roll the dough out and use Halloween-themed cookie cutters to cut it into festive cookie shapes. 
  • Bake the cookies at 375°F for 12 minutes. 

Ensure the cookies have cooled thoroughly before serving them to your pup. 

5. Attend a local pup parade

Many cities offer pet-friendly Halloween events, often in support of local pet-related charities. Browse your local listings for any mention of Halloween-themed doggy meet-ups, pet parades, costume contests, and more. These events make a fun social outing for both you and your pup. You’ll both have the opportunity to make new friends while supporting a good cause. 

6. Host a spooky movie night

While there are all kinds of fun things to do with your dog around Halloween, it can also be a scary time. Fireworks, parties, and other loud, unexpected noises can be anxiety-inducing for your pet on the night of Halloween. It’s not uncommon for pets to get spooked and become separated from their families on the night of Halloween. 

With this in mind, keep your dog safe and calm on Halloween night by staging a cozy night at home. Put on a festive movie (for you), close the windows and doors to insulate against any scary sounds, and snuggle up on the sofa with your pup. This way, you can get in the festive spirit without worrying about your dog’s safety!