5 Undeniable Signs Your Dog Loves You

Madelene Hissom · Aug 3, 2021

Author: Janine DeVault

As pet owners, we go out of our way to spoil our dogs on the regular. What you may not realize is that your dog may be trying to spoil you too! While they may not splurge on gifts, your dog’s body language offers insight into exactly how he feels about you.  

Below we’re sharing some of the tell-tale signs your dog loves you. Have you noticed any of these behaviors in your pet? 

  1. 1. They Seek Physical Contact 

Dogs express affection through physical contact. Do you ever notice your pup leaning on you, laying next to you, or placing a paw on your leg or foot? These are all subtle methods your dog uses to show how much they care about you. 

While it may occasionally be frustrating to have your dog underfoot all the time, remember that this is just their way of showing they care. Make sure to return your dog’s affection with pats and ear scratches to ensure they feel the love right back. 

  1. 2. They’re Excited to See You

Does your dog jump up and down, wag their tail effusively, or run in circles when you arrive home at the end of the day? This excitement is a sign of just how much your dog loves you and missed you while you were away working all day. 

Jumping up may be an undesirable behavior, but keep in mind that your pup is just trying to show they’re excited to see you. While you may want to correct this behavior, make sure you do so with positive reinforcement techniques as you don’t want to punish your dog’s display of affection.  

  1. 3. They Covet Your Possessions

Have you noticed your dog steals your socks or shoes? Does your pup love to lay on your dirty laundry pile? Do they insist on curling up on your favorite throw blanket, rather than their own bed? These items all smell like your dog’s favorite person (that’s you!) and keeping them close is comforting for your pup.  

If your dog looks for these items when you’re not home, it’s a sign they’re missing you. However, some dogs will reach for these items even when you are home because they just can’t get enough! 

  1. 4. They Share Their Toys

Sharing toys is another common way dogs show affection. If your dog presents you with their favorite ball or toy, it’s not just because they’re obsessed with playtime; they’re trying to show you they care! Sharing their most prized possessions is how dogs let you know you matter to them.  

  1. 5. They Make Eye Contact

Have you ever noticed your dog simply stares at you? Sometimes it might feel like your pup is a low-key stalker, glued to your every move. Your dog may stare at you for a variety of reasons, whether to remind you it’s dinner time or to let you know it’s time for a potty break, but often their adoring gaze is yet another your pup demonstrates affection. 

According to a study by the University of Helsinki, when your dog looks into your eyes, oxytocin is released within both of you. Oxytocin is sometimes referred to as the “love hormone” or the “cuddle hormone,” and it is thought to play an essential part in developing and maintaining relationships, even the one you have with your dog!  

How to Bond With Your Dog 

The bond you share with your dog is a special one, and you shouldn’t take it for granted. Much like a human relationship, it’s important not to get complacent. Whether you’re a new dog owner or have a long-standing bond with your dog, take time to bond with them regularly to keep your relationship strong. 

Bonding can occur in all kinds of different ways, and the best bonding methods will depend on your dog’s personality. Common forms of bonding include everything from spending quality time snuggling together to training sessions, hiking excursions, playtime, and more.  

Keeping your bond with your dog strong will make for a more secure pet. Your dog will trust you because you’ve proven that you’re reliable. This means your pup is less likely to cause mischief and more likely to be obedient. You might find that your dog is more relaxed around the house and less prone to nervous behaviors such as chewing or barking when the two of you have the opportunity to spend quality time together. And remember, rewarding your pup with natural, healthy treats is a true act of love.

What’s your favorite way to bond with your dog?