The Best Pet-Themed Beach Reads This Summer

Phoebe Cooper · Aug 17, 2022 · All

Author: Keren Dinkin

Nothing says summer quite like a day at the beach.

Imagine a sun bed, a sun hat, the sound of waves, your best furry friend by your side, sand between your toes, a refreshingly tall and delicious drink in one hand, and a book in the other.

Summer vacations at the beach are perfect for spending some quality time with family members, including the four-legged kind! There’s something for everyone and every mood at the beach- play some beach volleyball, take a swim, build a sandcastle, or work on your sun tan. In fact, your dog will simply love the freedom to prance around and play in the sand or in the water.

Going to the beach offers you the opportunity to indulge in some me-time and catch up on your reading. And what could be more perfect for beach reading than pet-themed books?

Here are our top picks for the best pet-themed books, perfect for the beach and your summer vacation alongside your furry companions.


The 5 Best Pet-Themed Books Perfect for the Beach

#1. The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

This book already has a movie version starring Amanda Seyfried, Milo Ventimiglia, and Kevin Costner. The story allows you to see the world through the eyes of Enzo, an old pooch who is more human than most people today.

This read is a rollercoaster of emotions as it touches on all human emotions, including love, loyalty, tragedy, and hope. It will remind you of what life is all about and reflect on an array of life experiences.

Although the beach may not be the best place to read this, you will soon associate the beach with a renewed and better perspective about life as taught by an old dog. You will end up hugging your dog extra tightly after this book.

#2. Jonathan Unleashed by Meg Rosoff

A relaxed romantic comedy with a dog is a staple when you are spending the day at the beach or on your next travel destination with your dog. This is an engrossing novel about Jonathan Trefoil, a New Yorker who does his best to navigate romance, friendship, careers, and dogs.

Jonathan's life goes into a complete shift when he is asked to be the caretaker of his brother's Cocker Spaniel and Border Collie. This funny and moving novel will remind you to pause and enjoy the smaller things in life.

#3. The Mountaintop School for Dogs by Ellen Cooney

This is another uplifting pet-themed beach read. The protagonist of the story, Evie, realizes that like dogs that end up in a sanctuary, she too has the hope and chance to live a new life.

A troubled past should not get in the way of starting afresh, but if only life were that simple!  There are plenty of twists and tail-wagging moments incorporated in this book, giving you a sense of satisfaction as you turn the last page. This book will renew the realization of how much you rely on your dog.

#4. Strays by Jennifer Caloyeras

This is the story of 16-year-old Iris Moody, who spends her summer rehabilitating dogs to manage her uncontrollable temper.

But Iris changes for the better when she meets a three-legged Pit Bull named Roman. And thus unfolds an unforgettable summer for Iris. This books emphatically peeks into the challenges teenagers face as they grow up. It teaches the lesson that sometimes acceptance is all you need to thrive and survive.

#5. One Good Dog by Susan Wilson

If you are after a summer read with more bite, follow Adam on his journey filled with loss, sadness, and a second chance. And all this was made possible because of a stray Pit Bull, ironically named Chance.

One Good Dog is a beautiful story of redemption and hope that is willingly given to us by four-legged animals.


Tips When Spending the Day on the Beach with your Dog

  • Always make water available for your dog. Hydration is essential on a hot day, and with so much space to run around, expect your dog to be in full playtime mode.
  • To encourage some downtime after hours of playing, bring some homemade summer treats and use this to bribe your dog into sitting with you and resting for a few minutes before it resumes playing in the sand or water.
  • Packing a few of your dog’s favorite treats like Bully Sticks and Jerky Chews are easy to pack and perfect to take along on vacation.
  • Pick a suitable beach because not all beaches allow dogs. Do your research and look for pet-friendly beaches so everybody, including your dog, can enjoy and have a great time.
  • Have a dedicated doggie bag complete with all essentials your dog may require while at the beach.
  • Always look out for the temperature and know when is the proper time to take your dog somewhere shaded to rest.

A beach vacation is perfect if you want to spend quality time with your human family or your pet family. Catch up with yourself, your pet and your reading, all in one go.

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