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Loves them

My dog just loves these. They are a nice light snack and I don't have to worry about her choking on them. I buy them regularly.

Bully Bites
Shannon Pearson
Mixed feelings

I have two small dogs who are under 9 pounds. They are terriers and anre chewers. They love these products because they could chew on them a very long time. However, I bought these small bully treats because of my dogs size. I thought these were more size appropriate. But instead of chewing it my oldest dog swallowed it whole and we ended up having to be at the vet. A little Scary and expensive. This is not the companies fault nor is it the products fault. I was supervising my dogs and had never had this be an issue before, but he had swallowed it before I could even catch him. So my thought is even with smaller dogs to get the bigger product. I have a whole bag of these small bully treats now that I am scared to let them have. This is not an inexpensive products and I really don’t have the funds to get a whole other bag of bigger bully sticks at this time. My dogs like the Natural Farm products. I like that they don’t have an odor and that they last a long time but be careful because situations like this can happen.

Bully Sticks - 7 Inch
Natalie Miller
Super strong

Best and strongest/longest lasting ones you carry for my 180# Dane

Wasn’t a big hit

Little smelly (expected!!). First time my dog tried them seemed okay, then not so much. I have broken them
Up and added to his food. Good idea, good product

Dogs love these chewy sticks

My dogs love these chews. They savor and enjoy them so much, we love watching them be so happy

Power Bully Sticks - 12 Inch

Bully sticks 4”

My pup loves them!

Sweet Potato Stuffed Hooves

It ws too rich or something for my dog and it made her sick

Still haven't arrived

Hi there - the Bully Sticks I ordered haven't arrived yet unfortunately! When I try and track it says they're still in transit!

Out of stock more often than not

Quality of the collagen sticks is good; my dogs love them. They’re just so often not available

My dog loves them

There is nothing else. NOTHING ELSE. That will get my dog to stop in her tracks and chill. These do it every time. GOAT for when I’m over stimulated and need her to calm her little butt down. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

The dogs love them and

They last longer than bully sticks and are a much better value.

Great product

This is my 5 or 6th purchase of the 25 pack chewies (bully sticks) 6 ". My 15 month athletic, all muscle boy puppy has one every day, and they are a highlight for him and I (I get a break 😀). The quality is great, I usually order 2 bags at a time, and the delivery is prompt.
I am sure there are a lot more Natural Farm purchases in my future l.

Jasper loves this product and delivered so fast!

Extra thick bully sticks

My dogs LOVE bully sticks and are very aggressive chewers. That is why I purchase the extra thick. However this time they are thinner than an Emory board width. It’s a shame they don’t stick to the extra thick size as quoted. You get charged for the larger size regardless. Very disappointed!

Thin Bully Sticks - 6 Inch

Great product

My dogs enjoyed them and they lasted long .

Bully Sticks - 4 Inch

My dog seems to really like these. Only takes her about a minute to eat, but I feel good about giving her these.

Good but inconsistent

The chews are generally great, and my dogs love them. However, the width of the chews is really inconsistent and there are always a few in each bag that are super skinny and barely last more than a few minutes

Beef Cheek Sticks - 6 Inch

Too expensive

Our Spike loves them we give one back night at 9 pm to calm him

Dogs love um.

My dogs love the collagen sticks and I wanted to order a larger package but it seems to be sold out and I would have ordered the same package again except the shipping was going to cost half of what the product cost.!

Awesome bully sticks

My pit bull absolutely loves these. They last a while and they keep him from eating the furniture.

Bully Sticks - 6 Inch
Heidi Sheldon
Louie Demands a Bully Every Evening

My spoiled rat terroir is quite the chewer! He is only 26 lbs. It still amazes me that he chews through stuff faster than my last dog, a 70 lb. pit bull mix. He has this nervous energy he needs to take out by chewing. Every bone or hove I give him splinters. These came recommended at a local pet store. We started giving him a bully stick in the evenings and now he must demands one every evening.

We got him a treat holder thing and watch him so he doesn't end up swallowing a large piece. He will chew it down to about 2-3 inches, than swallow it. The treat holder allows him to chew it down to about an inch and then we throw that part away.