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Phoebe Cooper · Dec 7, 2022 · All

Author: Haley Gibbs

With International Animal Rights Day on December 10, it’s the perfect day to practice love and kindness towards not only your animals, but the ones around you who are not as fortunate. The day also marks a time to bring more awareness for universal rights for all animals and to educate yourself on different opportunities you can get involved with.

For much of human history, animals have been exploited and/or abused by people for a variety of different reasons and rationales. In 1998, International Animal Rights Day was recognized to shed light on violence towards animals and specifically coincides with Human Rights Day.

There are many things people can do to make animal’s lives better both in their neighborhood and around the world. We've rounded up a few ways to get involved that you could easily choose to do today.

Support Your Local Animal Shelter

Your local animal shelter is most likely always in need of supplies like food, treats, toys, grooming care supplies, and more. Visit your local shelter’s website to find out the best way to donate. Most will have a list of the most-needed supplies and one of the easiest ways to donate is if they have an Amazon wishlist established that you can purchase directly from.

Most shelters use social media to share about the pups, cats, bunnies, and other animals that are available for adoption. If you’re not able to adopt, you can still share, like, and comment on posts to get the word out. If more people see adoptions posts, it helps those animals to find their forever homes.

You may also consider fostering pets. Both adoption and fostering help prevent shelters from becoming overwhelmed and reduce the number of animals being euthanized in shelters.

Animal shelters are always looking for new volunteers to walk, play, clean, and care for the homeless animals they are housing. If you’re not able to own a pet, volunteering your time to care for a homeless animal is a beautiful way to give back.

Find a Nonprofit to Support

There are many local, regional, national, and international nonprofit organizations who are always looking for donations and more support for their cause. Take your time to research to find an animal cause that speaks to you the most and find the way that works the best for you to assist them. Remember, it doesn’t always have to be a monetary donation to support a nonprofit. Even liking and sharing their page on social media can make a huge difference in spreading the word!

Give Extra Love

Show some extra appreciation to your own pets. Throw a ball, offer extra cuddles, or give them a new treat to chew on. Natural Farm makes all-natural dog treats, and a larger breed or a heavier chewer would love Natural Farm's Peanut Butter Filled Bones that will entertain them for hours. While lighter chewers, puppies, senior dogs, and small breeds will love Natural Farm's Thin Bully Sticks which are long-lasting and a highly-digestible chew that offers full flavor.

Prevent Misinformation Spreading

In today’s digital world, misinformation is spread widely and very easily. Before you comment on a dog’s behavior tying it back to a specific breed, or even safety information on what dogs can and can’t eat, make sure to do your own research from a credible source before sharing your thoughts with someone.

Visit a Friend’s Animal

If you have a friend or loved one who has a dog, most of the time you can make that pup’s day with a visit! Give a belly rub, play fetch, or simply cuddle to make their day extra bright.

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