How to Curb Your Dog’s Obsession With Wood

Madelene Hissom · Dec 23, 2021

Author: Colin Stanley

Many dogs love to gnaw, particularly when it comes to furniture and other items around the house. Why does your dog chew wood and how can you curb this unhealthy habit?

Excessive chewing is normal for any puppy; unfortunately, many dogs carry destructive gnawing habits onto adulthood. This may not seem like a big deal… that is until a wooden door or table-leg becomes your canine’s next favorite chew toy! What do you do when your furry friend’s obsession with wood takes a wrong turn? Thankfully, a range of solutions gives owners the ability to break bad behavior and encourage their wellbeing for years to come. Let’s take look.

Why Does Your Dog Chew Wood Excessively? 

At a very early age, puppies learn to gnaw to deal with the pains associated with teething. Their chewing helps build jaw strength and increase saliva production, promoting good canine dental health. These young dogs explore their surroundings with their mouths; an essential stage of growth that stays with them for a lifetime. Puppies frequently pick up sticks and pieces of wood as an easy way to satisfy their desire to chew.

Why Does Your Dog Find Wood So Satisfying?

Chewing releases endorphins, relieving stress and mentally stimulating your dog. Sometimes dogs gnaw on wood items out of stress or anxiety, particularly when they are left at home by themselves. Remember, your dog doesn’t know when you’ll be back and will often turn to destructive tendencies to fill the void. Wood, however, jeopardizes your dog's health as splinters slice the gums and pose a significant choke risk. It is crucial to teach your dog what is acceptable to chew on and what is not. Try to engage and nourish them with chew sticks or bones for dogs. 

What Can You Do About Your Dog’s Obsession?

You’ll need to make a few changes to your routine and encourage positive habits. By playing fetch with wooden sticks, you are increasing the likelihood of repetitive wood chewing throughout your home.

In lieu of a stick, play with a ball or natural beef bones for dogs, made specifically for canines. Offering them a few stimulating toys, you’ll reduce the odds of returning to a destroyed home. A few additions to their collection will make a world of difference when it comes to leaving your friend home alone. 

Ready to Promote Healthier, Less Destructive Habits?

The truth is, dogs are always going to chew on things; it's in their nature. As a dog owner, it makes sense to provide your dogs with healthy dog treats such as bully sticks, or collagen sticks, or simply a good old-fashioned bone. With proper training, particularly during the teething process, it is possible to guide your dog away from their chewing habits and towards an activity that works for everyone. 

There are many healthy options such as chew sticks for dogs that will keep them happy and healthy for years to come. Try a few things and go with what they prefer. Watch as they choose treats and chews farmed responsibly, crafted with care. They’re sure to thank you later!