Planting Trees: A Better World for You and Your Dog

Madelene Hissom · Feb 9, 2022 · All

Author: Keren Dinkin

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” ` Chinese Proverb.

We’ve grown up hearing about the importance of trees and reforestation. But as we get caught up with the demands of daily life, it can be easy to forget why we need to do our bit to plant, save, and preserve trees.

At Natural Farms, we believe that trees are the root of our existence and we’ve therefore kept the torch of reforestation burning. When you support Natural Farm, you can rest assured that you’re contributing to our efforts to save the environment.

How? Because we plant a tree for every online purchase you make!

Giving Back to the Earth

The Earth nurtures and provides for us, expecting nothing in return. And at Natural Farm, we are committed to giving back in our own way. We started by shifting to sustainable business practices. And then we wondered how we could expand this advocacy to involve our beloved customers? Given that the Earth desperately needs our help, we knew we had to involve you in our efforts too.

We are committed to slowly but surely rehabilitating the thousands of acres of forests that disappear each day. We have partnered with One Tree Planted; a non-profit organization for global reforestation. Since 2014, they have planted over 40 million trees in 43 countries across North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific. 

Here’s where you come in.

A tree is planted on your behalf for every treat you purchase from Nature Farm. With a simple action, you can actively give back to the environment, contribute to creating a healthier climate, protect biodiversity, and help reforestation efforts. Isn’t that amazing?

This way, you can treat your dog to their favorite foods while ensuring there’s enough forest cover for when you plan to go camping in the woods with your pet.

Wondering why we picked reforestation? Especially when there are so many other causes crying for attention? 

We are doing as much as we can in other areas too, but read on to know why planting trees is our primary focus.

Trees for a Better World

We believe protecting the environment is paramount, and we do it in every way we can. We are an eco-friendly company. We use certified green packaging (made with 51% recyclable sugar cane). In addition, all our physical promotional materials are printed on recyclable paper.

Even the ingredients for our products, from bully sticks to cow hooves, are sourced sustainably and with the utmost care.

But we wanted to up the ante and take a more active approach to save the environment. The best way to do that was to be involved in tree planting initiatives.

Planting, saving, and preserving trees is essential for a healthy world because:

1. Trees Protect the Ozone Layer

The ozone layer reduces the amount of the sun’s UV-B rays that reach the Earth’s surface. These rays can be extremely damaging as they cause skin cancer and cataracts. A damaged ozone layer can wreak havoc on the environment. Trees halt the depletion of the Ozone layer by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. 

2. Trees Reduce Soil Erosion and Floods

Far-reaching tree roots hold soil in place and fight erosion, thus contributing immensely to soil preservation. Further, trees also absorb and store rainwater. This helps in reducing runoff and sediment deposits after storms. And that’s not all.

They also help recharge the groundwater supply, prevent the leaching of chemicals into streams, and stave off floods. 

3. Trees Provide Oxygen

None of us would be here without oxygen. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the environment and release oxygen (the direct opposite of what humans do), so you can see why we need them to survive.

4. Trees Provide A Quiet and Prettier Environment

According to research, natural sights lead to physical and mental health benefits. More trees mean more greenery and a healthier mind, right? That aside, trees also reduce noise pollution. 

So, the next time you’re upset or stressed, sit by the window and take in the trees around you. They’re a sight for sore eyes and will definitely lift your spirits!

Trees For You and Your Dog

Trees are incredibly important for the environment and all living things. It is vital to preserve them and make up for the massive havoc caused by deforestation. 

Everything else aside, you’d agree there’s nothing like sitting under the shade of a big tree and enjoying the breeze with your dog right beside you.

So, the next time you go for a hike with your dog and enjoy the greenery, give them an extra bite from Natural Farm. You’ll be contributing in a small way to saving the environment.