Your Dog’s Favorite Treats: Doing Good for the Earth and Others

Madelene Hissom · Aug 31, 2021

Author: Amanda Brahlek 

While the future of the Earth may not be the first thing that comes to mind as you hand your dog a treat, this thought is always on the top of our minds. As a dog treat company, we sought to change the dog treat industry — and the world. And so far we are taking huge steps in the right direction. Natural Farm is making a splash in the world of sustainability and through our work with several non-profits.   

Looking for more reasons to love your dog’s favorite treat brand? Learn more about how Natural Farm is saving the world one bag of treats at a time. 

Treats with an Eco-Friendly Twist 

We know you love your dog. We love your dog, too. Unfortunately, though, dogs have a major impact on the environment. In fact, one medium-size dog has the same carbon impact as a large SUV, according to Science Focus. But like our vehicles, you can choose to reduce this impact by making eco-friendly choices. Natural Farm’s treats are one of those choices. 

Lessening the Stress on the Food System  

Dog treats made from prime cuts of meat are actually bad for the environment. They put more pressure on the global food system and land. 

You likely know that we use cuts of grass-fed beef that are often less savory to humans. This is because these ingredients are delicious and beneficial for dogs. But these less sought-after ingredients are easier on the Earth. We rescue parts like the trachea and beef pizzle, so they don’t wind up in the waste stream, where they will release carbon dioxide. 

Reducing Plastics

Im green logo 

We believe that goodness comes from the inside out, which is why we produce our treats without any questionable preservatives. But, we also know what’s on the outside matters, too. This is why we use sustainable “I’m green™” packaging.Plastics take centuries or longer to break down, and single-use plastics often wind up harming wildlife. 

Our packaging is recyclable and made from sugarcane and recycled plastic. The process of creating eco-friendly packaging actually captures carbon dioxide.  

In addition to using bioplastic packaging, we are committed to never using plastic in our promotional materials. Instead, we print all promotions on materials that can be recycled.  

Making Treats, Planting Trees 

We couldn’t rest without knowing we are doing everything we can to improve the planet. So, we plant trees in addition to making eco-friendly treats and using bioplastic packaging. We plant trees in Brazil where we source our grass-fed beef. 

Giving the Gift of a Sustainable Future 

The future is in the hands of future generations. We work to empower those hands. Our support of AMBR, a nonprofit organization that funds students in the field of science who are restricted by barriers to entry. This year we sponsored a scholarship for Zi’Onay Walker’s research. Walker is studying how microbes can be used as a tool to counteract chemicals that threaten the wetlands. 

Going Beyond Green: Doing Good for Pets and People 

While we wish Climate Change was the only problem we had to contend with, there are too many other causes to support. Our team searches far and wide for causes that touch our hearts and often get overlooked.  

Our commitment to social good extends to:  

  • Marley’s Mutts: A rescue that prevents thousands of vulnerable dogs from being unnecessarily euthanized. They also partner mutts with prisoners, for a win-win for people and pets! 
  • Recanto dos Peludos: In the heart of Brazil, dogs and cats are often seen as nuisances. Recanto dos Peludos is saving their lives. Ran single-handedly by Mrs. Lucineide, this charity houses almost 50 dogs and provides for their medical care until they can find their forever homes.  
  • Charity Water: Brings clean, safe water to the thirsty. We partnered with Charity Water to pipe five new systems in Madagascar to bring water to 100 people in dire need. 

Treats as Good as You Want Your Dog to Be  

Life’s too short not to do good. So, we hope you will support companies like ours that are doing everything in their power to protect the planet, pets, and people. Join in our effort to change the dog treat industry and beyond! 

At Natural Farm, we believe that treats should be good for your dog while doing good for the world around you both. We are committed to protecting the places you want to explore and enjoy with your furry best friend. Learn more about our eco-friendly practices or social good.