The 5 Best Chews for Small Dogs

Madelene Hissom · Aug 23, 2021

Author: Amanda Brahlek 

As a small dog owner, you likely know that petite breeds often have small-but-mighty chewing instincts. From playing keep-away with your socks to spending hours gnawing on their favorite chew toy, small dogs often have an insatiable need to chew, chew, chew. It’s no wonder so many dog owners are looking for the best chew for small dogs. Unfortunately, the dog treat industry hasn’t been the best about meeting this demand. 

Most small dog treats are filled with fillers, dyes, and questionable ingredients. Furthermore, many chew treats for compact canines are cuter than they are healthy--and when it comes to rawhide, many pet owners don’t realize they’re putting their pups in danger. This article will clear up the confusion about what you should look for when it comes to providing your precious pup with healthy, engaging small dog chew treats. 

So, What Are the Best Chews for Small Dogs? 

You already know that every package of treats you pick up will tell you that they’re the best. Unfortunately, many of these claims cannot be trusted. This doesn’t mean you should give up the hunt for a treat that will satisfy your dog’s need to chew, though. 

Considering smaller dogs often have bigger dental problems, their need to chew can be used to benefit your best friend. Plus, providing your itty bitty best friend with an outlet for healthy chewing habits can clean up that bad breath and make those canine kisses a bit more bearable.  

What to Look for & What to Avoid When Selecting Small Dog Chew Treats 

When selecting the healthiest treats for your dog, the first thing you want to look at is the list of ingredients. Here’s what you need to know: 

  • Fewer ingredients are often better — so, aim for limited or single-ingredient treats. 
  • You also want your dog’s treats to be made from natural, wholesome ingredients. This means you should avoid any treats with added sugar, salt, or fillers like corn. 
  • The best dog treats are made from real meat and real animal products. 

You also want to account for the calories in your dog’s treats. Treats should only account for 10% of your dog’s daily caloric intake.  

Choose treats that benefit your dog’s health. Some of the healthiest treats are also delicious to dogs. And this is great because many chew treats, such as bully sticks and collagen sticks support your dog’s health. Providing your dog with beneficial treats can support their joints, dental health, and cognitive health in the long term 

Chew treats should provide ample chew time. If your dog expresses a need to chew, their body is likely telling them they need the benefits associated with chewing. So, when you invest in premium dog chew treats, be sure they last long. Why? Chewing provides your dog with: 

  • Stress and anxiety relief 
  • Better dental health 
  • An outlet for excess energy--resulting in less destructive chewing 
  • Mental stimulation and a learning opportunity


So, now all you need to do is find the best treats for your dog.  

Here are our top picks in dog chew treats designed with small pups in mind: 

1. Pixie Bully Sticks 
    Natural Farm’s Pixie Bully Sticks are ideal for petite dogs. Like larger versions of these treats, bully sticks are an excellent outlet for your dog’s chewing. They last and last. Additionally, they’re made from real grass-fed beef. Bully sticks are also a natural source of amino acids, glucosamine, and chondroitin for joint health, brain function, coat health, and muscle tone.
    Perfect for: Small senior dogs and extra small dog breeds 
    For small yet stocky dogs and smaller dogs verging on medium, try Extra-Thin Bully Sticks! 
    2. Bully Stick Bites 

    These tasty chew treats are an excellent alternative to rawhides, and they’re just 2-to-3 inches in size. Bully Stick Bites also provide the same benefits as full-size bully sticks with a bit more chew resistance than Pixie Bully Sticks. As a natural source of protein, Bully Stick Bites are excellent for highly active small dogs. 

    Perfect for: small breeds with strong jaws such as Frenchies, Pugs, and English Bulldogs 

    3. Beef Jerky Treats 

      Our Beef Jerky Strips are designed for dogs of all shapes and sizes. They can be cut down and divided into multiple long-lasting treats that are designed for dogs with a slightly less aggressive chewing instinct. Beef Jerky Treats are packed with natural anti-inflammation properties and natural beef flavor. 

      4. Beef Trachea Chews 

        Beef tracheas may not be on the top of your shopping list, but dogs love their crisp texture and savory flavor. Their round shape of beef tracheas makes them mentally stimulating for smaller dogs. And these treats scrub your dog’s teeth as they chew. 

        5. Beef Tendon Rings 

          For a bit of excitement and extra engagement, Beef Tendon Rings are hard to beat. These fun and flavorful treats offer your small dog variety and a boost of glucosamine and chondroitin.  

          Small Dogs Deserve Big Chewing Opportunities  

          Chew on this: Small dogs need additional dental support and positive outlets for their extra energy--and it’s difficult to find a better choice than chew treats. And life’s too short for unhealthy treats. So, be sure to provide your dog with healthy treats that will support their dental health as well as their cognitive and joint health.  

          If you’re looking for the best small dog chew treats, check out our full line of all-natural, preservative-free dog chew treats.