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Phoebe Cooper · Feb 15, 2023 · All

Author: Phoebe Cooper

Just like people, dogs have their own unique “love languages”, or preferences for how they like to receive love and offer it.

With February being the month of love, there’s no better time than now to discover your dog’s love language! Continue reading to learn more about your dog’s love language and how you can appeal to it to establish a stronger and healthier bond with your best friend.

Types of Love Languages

Dog love languages don’t stray very far from human love languages, and there are five that are typically associated with dogs, including:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Physical Touch
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Acts of Service
  • Quality Time

Dogs may predominantly fall into one of these categories, or they could demonstrate a combination of them! Below we will outline each of these love languages individually and different ways that you can appeal to them.

Words of Affirmation

We all know that we tend to develop a baby voice when speaking with our dogs, and how could we not?! Dogs often incite a release of serotonin in our brains and, paired with their inherent cuteness, this culminates in us addressing them in higher octaves marked by an abundance of gushy, flattering expressions.

We also know that many dogs get excited when we address them in these ways, and if speaking to your dog in loving and excited tones and expressions seems to be the best way to get your dog’s tail wagging, then your dog’s love language might be Words of Affirmation!

Other signs of this love language include when dogs patiently wait for their owners’ commands to engage in a certain behavior, or when they seek verbal approval following a certain behavior.

Luckily, appealing to this type of love language is easy—just keep telling your pup how lovely they are, sing to them, offer them your approval, and flatter them to your heart’s desire.

Physical Touch

We all love a cuddly pup, and some are cuddlier than others. If your dog likes to approach you to instigate rubs, scratches, and general physical contact, then your dog’s love language is likely Physical Touch! These dogs may also have a greater tendency to greet people with a wealth of kisses or be “leaners,” those who like to lean against people a lot.

To appeal to Physical Touch, be sure to set aside some time with your dog when you can often them plenty of scratches, rubs, and snuggles. This could look like an evening cuddled up on the couch together, a good brushing session, or some floor time with lots of belly rubs.

Receiving Gifts

Does your dog love playing with their toys or chewing their treats above all else (aside from you, of course)—then your dog’s love language is likely Receiving Gifts!

To appeal to this love language, take your dog on an excursion to the pet store to browse for their new favorite toy, play fetch or tug-of-war with them, and offer them their favorite treats for a positive reward.

Luckily, if you’re looking to offer your dog wholesome chews and treats to show them your love, Natural Farm offers a wide variety of healthy, all-natural options that your pup is certain to adore!

Peanut Butter Flavor Collagen Sticks, for example, offer dogs well-rounded health support in addition to exceptionally scrumptious chewing experiences—who knew healthy could taste so good?

Acts of Service

Dogs whose love language is Acts of Service may enjoy moments like when their people feed them, those who beg their owners for food, or those who enjoy or seek out a good grooming session. Essentially, these dogs love when you do things for them because it makes them feel important to you!

To appeal to these sorts of dogs, make moments of service extra special for them, and be sure not to miss any of them!

Quality Time

Dogs who have Quality Time as their love language may be the ones who follow you everywhere (you know, the ones who can’t let you go to the bathroom by yourself), pop up on the couch with you at any given chance, and find you whenever they hear your voice from another room. The more time they can spend with you, the better!

You can show your dog some extra special quality time by getting them out on regular walks, offering them more attention and rubs, playing in the yard or park with them, and just allowing them to be around you when they want to be.


We hope this article has allowed you to learn more about your dog’s individual love language, and because our dogs offer us so much love, these are ways to show them the same in return!

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